Adolescent de base (14-18 ans)

Adolescent de base (14-18 ans)


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  • Supports growth
  • Consistent energy
  • Stronger immunity
  • Mental clarity
  • Healthy skin
  • Mood regulation

La vie d'adolescent est dure. C'est une période intense d'évolution hormonale couplée à une pression académique importante et souvent une période où l'alimentation ne suscite pas le plus grand intérêt. Par conséquent, une tendance à un statut nutritionnel inférieur est courante.

Core Teen fournit un soutien immunitaire, énergétique et cognitif, assure l'établissement d'une masse osseuse maximale pour la santé du squelette à long terme et lisse les ondulations hormonales.


Les soutiens:

  • Santé et bien-être général
  • Immunité robuste
  • Niveaux d'énergie et de stress
  • Stabilité de l'humeur
  • Santé hormonale
  • Densité osseuse
  • Fonction cérébrale, concentration et concentration
  • Un sommeil de bonne qualité

30 day supply
Guaranteed additive free
Maximum potency
Highest purity
Clinician's choice
Therapeutically effective

Highly bioavailable complex for energy support, brain function, immune health and general wellbeing


Citrate de calcium, citrate de magnésium, hydroxypropylméthylcellulose (capsule), astaxanthine, bitartrate de choline, EVNolMax 20% TM (ExcelVite), acide ascorbique, picolinate de zinc, poudre de lutéine, ménaquinone 7, niacinamide, poudre de B-carotène, citrate de manganèse, méthionine de sélénium, Pantothénate de calcium, inositol, cholécalciférol, phosphate de pyridoxal 5, phosphate de riboflavine 5, thiamine HCl, citrate de cuivre, folate de méthyle de calcium L, poudre de zéaxanthine, picolinate de chrome, méthylcobalamine, molybdate de sodium, biotine, iodure de potassium.

Pot de 180 gélules
Chaque capsule contient :

% Valeur quotidienne
Vitamine A (333 UI) 200 mcg 4%
(sous forme de bêta-carotène)
Vitamine D (133 UI) 3,3 mcg 66%
Vitamine E (1,1 UI) 0,8 mg αTE 7%
Tocotriénols mixtes totaux 2,8mg
[d-alpha-tocotriénol 0,9 mg]
[d-bêta-tocotriénol 0,2 mg]
[d-gamma-tocotriénol 1,3 mg]
[d-delta-tocotriénol 0,5 mg]
Vitamine K2 13 mcg 17%
Vitamine C 16,6 mg 21%
Thiamine (Vitamine B1) 0,7 mg 64%
Riboflavine (Vitamine B2) 0,8 mg 57%
Niacine (Vitamine B3) 3,3 mg d'EN 21%
Vitamine B6 0,9 mg 61%
Folate 60 mcg 30%
Vitamine B12 42 mcg 1680%
Biotine (Vitamine B7) 17 mcg 34%
Acide pantothénique (vitamine B5) 1,5mg 25%
Calcium 35 mg 4%
Magnésium 15 mg 4%
Zinc 2,5mg 25%
Cuivre 0,2 mg 19%
Manganèse 0,4 mg 22%
Sélénium 8 mcg 15%
Chrome 5 mcg 13%
Molybdène 10 mcg 20%
Iode 13 mcg 9%
Choline 17mg
Inositol 1,6mg
Astaxanthine 1 mg
Lutéine 830 µg
Squalène végétal 553 mcg
Phytostérols 251 mcg
Zéaxanthine 17 mcg

† Valeur nutritionnelle de référence (VNR*) non établie

NE : équivalent niacine

α TE : équivalent alpha tocophérol

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Omega 3

Enhances focus, concentration and memory. Supports joint, muscle and immune health


Ester oméga -3-éthyle (poisson), tocophérol mélangé, gélatine (poisson), glycérol, eau.

Pot de 90 gélules
Chaque capsule contient : % VNR*
Vitamine E 25 mg d'α TE (50 UI) 208%
(À partir de tocophérols mélangés 50 mg)

Ester oméga-3-éthylique 1000mg

Acide eicosapentaénoïque 330 mg
Acide docosahexaénoïque 220 mg

† Valeur nutritionnelle de référence (VNR*) non établie

α TE : Alpha Tocophérol

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Soutien immunitaire au sureau

Improves immune resilience


Extrait de sureau, N acétylcystéine, hydroxypropylméthylcellulose (capsule), ascorbate de zinc.

Pot de 60 gélules
Chaque capsule contient : %VNR*
Vitamine C
32mg 40%
6 mg 60%
Extrait de sureau
159 mg
(Sambucus nigra L.) Equivalent à 3g de Sureau
N Acétylcystéine
159 mg

† Valeur nutritionnelle de référence (VNR*) non établie

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Vitamine D3/K2

Vital for brain health, bone density, sex hormone production and blood pressure management


Cellulose, Hydroxypropylméthylcellulose (capsule), Ménaquinone 7, Maltodextrine Cholécalciférol.

Pot de 90 gélules
Chaque capsule contient : %VNR*
Vitamine D3 (2 500 UI)
62,5 mcg 1250%
Vitamine K2
200 mcg 267%

† Valeur nutritionnelle de référence (VNR*) non établie

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  • General health and wellbeing
  • Robust immunity 
  • Energy and stress levels
  • Mood stability 
  • Hormone health
  • Bone density
  • Brain function, focus and concentration
  • Good quality sleep
  • Nutrimaxx2 gélules, deux fois par jour avec de la nourriture(peut être pris en 1 dose si c'est plus facile)
  • oméga 3x3 capsules, une fois par jour avec n'importe quel repas
  • Soutien immunitaire au sureaux2 capsules, une fois par jour avec n'importe quel repas
  • Vitamines D3 et K2x3 gélules, une fois par jour avec de la nourriture

Conçu pour être suivi en continu jusqu'au transfert versAdulte de base.

  • Suitable for men.

  • Suitable for women.

  • Suitable for people under sixteen years of age.

  • If pregnant or breastfeeding consult your healthcare professional before purchasing and consuming this product.

  • Suitable for vegetarians.

  • Not suitable for vegans.

  • No gluten containing ingredients.

  • No nut containing ingredients.

  • No dairy containing ingredients.

If you are taking medication consult your prescribing physician before purchasing and consuming supplements.

Keep out of reach of children.

Information displayed does not constitute medical advice.

This product should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet.

Once opened, consume within 3 months.

Adolescent de base (14-18 ans)

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How we do supplements

Why we created Adolescent de base (14-18 ans)

Life as a teenager is tough. It's an intense period of hormonal evolution coupled with significant academic pressure which can mean that a healthy diet is often not top priority. Consequently, a tendency for teenagers to have a lowered nutrient status is common. 

Core Teen provides immune, energy and cognitive support, ensures the establishment of peak bone mass for long term skeletal health and smooths hormonal undulations.

Phoebe Liebling, Founder Nutri Tailor

Nutritional Therapist BSc (Hons) DipNT

Lifestyle tips

How to boost your results

Double down on the dietary basics

It doesn't matter if we don't have a perfect diet as a teenager but the key things to focus on are sufficient protein intake, limiting or avoiding caffeine totally, and really being aware of the negative impact sweeteners and excess sugar will have on bone health. Fizzy drinks, especially diet versions, are something we strongly advise avoiding. 

Support sleep

It's key to keeping things in balance, and our teenage years are one of the periods when our requirement for sleep is at its highest. 

Be aware of hormone disruptors

Chemical cleaning products, cosmetics and pesticides are hugely impactful on hormonal evolution and exposure during these formative years will have effects throughout our entire lives. Choose stainless steel or glass food storage products and water bottles, avoid cling film and tin foil as much as possible, and swap to non-toxic cleaning products.

Adolescent de base (14-18 ans)

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Kasia Key

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Ami Scott

Arrived next day!! Super happy with the quality of products as always - safe and efficient place for supps - my go to. Thanks NT!

Kane Wise

Supplements made simple. Tailor made to find exactly what works for you. Couldn't recommend highly enough!

Sue Atkinson

Amazing service and products- making such a difference to getting my life back on track.

Frequently asked questions

Are your supplements high quality?

Yes, we only partner with specific supplement providers who create the highest quality, clinical grade supplements. None of the supplements we offer contain additives or additional ingredients which are the most common cause of side effects when using supplements.

Can everyone use your supplements?

Our supplements are for everyone. We have plans and individual products to suit all ages, life stages and dietary preferences. If you have a specific question just get in touch.

Can I take multiple supplements together?

Yes absolutely.

How long should I take your supplements for?

This will depend on what goal you are looking to achieve. They can be used ongoing to optimise your wellbeing and to resolve specific health issues.

I’m not entirely sure which supplements are right for me, what should I do?

Please get in touch with us! We are very happy to help and can also create bespoke subscription packages for you if needs be.

Can I use your products if I am taking medication?

Yes the majority of our products are safe to use alongside medication, however, we always advise that you check with your prescribing physician before adding supplements to your routine.

Adolescent de base (14-18 ans)